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Lazy J Training Center, your equine website

At the Lazy J we treat our horses as galloping gifts from God. Horses, like their owners, have different talents and natural ability. It is our desire to bring the very best out in both of them.

We take our time in the early stages of training with both novice riders and baby horses. We believe in laying a firm foundation on which to build solid, successful, long lasting careers.

We also enjoy putting teams together. Finding that right horse that fits your personality and meets your needs gives us personal satisfaction. Barrel, Roping and Reining horses are our speciality, so we understand that serious competitors need solid horses that fit them.

Lazy J Training Center, a division of TTI Enterprises, is located in Citrus County Florida. For more information, you can contact us by e-mail, or call 1.352.726.0704. We look forward to hearing from you.


About The Owners

Jacquelyn Fedor and Crystal

Jacquelyn (Jacqui) Fedor
and Captain Crystal

I started competing when I was six years old. Today I'm sixty-six and still very much in love with the horse business, the animals themselves, and the people I meet along the way. I'll admit it's been nice to win the saddles and buckles, but to be very honest, it's been more fun to watch horses you've trained go on and make good, consistent competition horses and see people you've coached go on to win championships, scholarships etc.

My life has been consumed over the last seven or eight years with getting a ministry off the ground however, and the horse end of things kind of had to take a back seat. God is so good though. People have been raised up that are very capable and now I have at least a little time for my horses again. In fact, we have four people from the ministry that are helping at the training center full time now.

As an added bonus, some great young Christian trainers have come on board. My son Bill Bishop, ex jockey and trainer, and my grandson Bill Bishop III, a roper and trainer. Between us there's a lot of years experience to be offered to the public and we are anxious to see what the new year brings.

Don Fedor

  Don Fedor

Twenty-five years ago Don gave up owning and driving racecars for owning barrel horses and watching his wife race. He used to ride quite a bit, even tried a little roping, but decided he would rather drive the rig, make sure everyone gets to shows and rodeos safe and on time, and enjoys the competition from a lawn chair.


Barrel and Roping Horses

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Jacqui Fedor                                                             Billy Bishop

No two horses are alike. Each is unique in personality and style. As our horses progress in training we allow them to develop that individuality. Comfortable horses make confident competitors that do not readily burn out and stand more chance of remaining sound of mind and body. We use training procedures that are designed to keep our horses calm and enjoying their job. Futurity prospects are our speciality, but we will tune the open horses as well


Services and Rates


We are equipped to haul and show your barrel, or roping prospects.

Our basic training rate is $600 / Month. This includes full board and training. Vet bills, blacksmith, supplements, hauling, etc... are billed separately to owners.

The farm reserves the right to accept or reject horses at their discression.


We can give lessons to the beginner on our horses, or help the competitor get with their own competition horse. Lessons are $40 per hour for specific disciplines, or $30 for basic riding lessons, or $20 per person for a class lesson.


We would be glad to help you find the horse that best suits your needs through our equine locating program. You type in the qualities you are looking for, and our program will help you find it. You can do the research yourself, but you will save time and patience with the locating program.

You can also send us the statistics on a horse you wish to sell to be included in our database. Our program offers a state of the art method of buying and selling horses that will meet the needs of today's horse market. (We also sell and consign tack and other horse related items).


Let us Build Your Web Site. We have Web Designers, that are horsemen as well, to meet your Web needs. 


We offer a stable Management program that captures and tracks Horse information. Example: We'll capture an electronic record of your horse(s)' Coggins and Registration Papers to produce duplicates when necessary without losing the original. The program monitors Daily "statistical" reports on all horse activities for your evaluation.

Feed Module:

This module is designed to assess and manage your feed inventory. It keeps track of what feed is left over, and how much is required for the week. It also assists in what feed is to be purchased. It will track feed and hay prices and alert you to any change.

Event Module:

This module monitors when events (shows, ropings, rodeo's etc) take place, visits, calendar of events to attned as well as maintenance calendar (worming and health checks etc). Capture how often you want the services, and the system will alert you whan it is next required. You can build you own Pit Crew (Vet, Farrier, etc) and the system will monitor and track when teh next visit needs to take place (e.g. shots and vaccinations).

Breeding Module:

This module will monitor and track ovulation cycles, palpitations, breeding times and methods. It keeps track of foals produced.

Sales Module:

This module tracks the costs associated with the sale of a horse so that profit can be monitored and controlled. Vet, medical, feed and tack etc. expenses will be tallied against the purchase price to give you a break-even sales price.

Student Module:

This module tracks students and the assigned horse, and their progress through lessons in horsemanship and specific disciplines. It will produce student reports, as well as monitor achievements to be able to produce a full record on skills aquired.

Address Book:

This feature will keep track of supplier and other contact addresses and phone numbers so the your Horse telephone directory is at your fingertips when you need it. With the use of VoIP phones it will even dial teh call for you.


The purpose of this module is to assist you to run a horse business, produce reports, and the accounting documentation needed to run your business smoothly.

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